Edality BV was founded in 2003 in Hengelo, the Netherlands. The company provided services in the field of custom development of printed circuit board (PCB) topologies, signal integrity analysis (SI analysis), power integrity analysis (PI analysis) and signals timing analysis, as well as the development of specialized and application software.

In 2003, in the year of its foundation, Edality BV entered into the first long-term agreement with a group of developers based in Minsk.

On April 5, 2007, the company Edality BV founded a full-fledged enterprise of the same name in Belarus with the aim of further developing its presence due to the great engineering potential of the country.

Today, Edality is a recognized professional developer of high-speed electronic boards and embedded software. We offer a full cycle of development of a custom electronic device from the stage of development of technical specifications to debugging as part of an integrated platform support package (BSP).

  1. Mar, 2003
    Foundation of Edality BV

    The company was doing SI analysis and development of high-speed PCBs.

  2. Apr, 2007
    Opening an Engineering Center in Minsk

    Based on the positive past experience of cooperation with Belarusian engineers and significant potential of the market a new R&D center has been founded officially.

  3. Nov, 2013
    Development of the First SOM

    A unique System on Module (SOM) based on NXP i.MX6 CPU in SMARC form factor was developed and released on the market by the engineers of Sintecs BV and Edality BV.

  4. Feb, 2015
    Changes in Management

    A team of new managers has been appointed, new marketing strategy has been adopted.