PCI-E Frame Grabbers

PCB layout of Controller Board

Controller Board

This is an example of a PCB project completed in short terms.

Edality implemented all the Customer’s requirements in the new design from scratch.

The Customer redesigned the principal scheme of the controller device, which had been successfully selling on the market before. In order to reflect the schematic changes in the PCB layout, the company decided to involve Edality as a proven vendor.


EDALITY was requested to satisfy the requirements defined within a solid specification prepared upfront

  • Using only inexpensive PCB technologies
  • Preparation for post-production testing, including 100% ICT testing
  • 4-layer PCB stack-up
  • 45-pin ZIF connector
  • Onboard Wi-Fi module, eMMC flash, μSD card holder, USB, proximity sensor, RTC, buzzer.


Project delivered in a fortnight
Granted low production cost
Produced first samples worked correctly

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