Parkomat Control System Hardware and Software Design

Parkomat fron view

Parkomat Control System

Within this project we have developed a set of main control boards for a brand new Parkomat system and successfully delivered working samples to a customer on time.


With regards to requirements suggested by the customer, we have built two Parkomat control boards based on the industrial System-on-Module with Texas Instruments Sitara™ AM335x CPU.

The control boards were equipped with a variety of peripheral interfaces providing a wide choice of communication channels, electrical protection system and custom Linux-based software system. The boards have been built to comply with requirements for industrial electronic devices.

Parkomat controller board
Delivered on time
First prototypes worked right
In use in multiple cities


Samples of the control board and addon board were tested and delivered on time. First prototypes worked correctly. Currently the Parkomat system is in commercial use in multiple cities.

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