Electronics Development is a very complex and effort demanding discipline requiring significant investment in engineering staff of a company. Partnering with independent vendors is beneficial by speeding up the product release date and saving on painful process of developing a new (not really needed on a long run) expertise inside the company.

Partnering with Edality means delegation of entire project scope or part of it to us. For a company cooperating with Edality, it averts many articles of expenditure like buying specialized CADs, hiring extra engineering staff. Cutting time-to-market time with our help makes commercial success of a product more probable.

On the other hand, our highly skilled engineering team raises the general technical level of almost every electronic solution we touch by suggesting a fresh look on certain decision applied and ability to look critically and independently on a design. We permanently grow as an engineering unit and call partners to grow with us.


We are open for a dialogue with customers and partners. A wide range of contracting approaches and cooperation models is available, including Capped Time and Material contracts, Target Cost contracts, Incremental Delivery contracts, etc.

  • Turnkey Electronics Design - we have the complete team of experienced developers covering the full cycle of the development process, from a concept to a finished design ready for production
  • Dedicated Development Center (DDC) - for some of our partners coming with high-volume projects, we recommend DDC as the best possible type of cooperation. In this case, we provide a separate engineering team with transparent management working full-time under control of a contractor. This is a critically valuable option for companies experiencing difficulties with hiring professional engineers locally. With Edality you can build your private offshore team and expand your development team with minimal risks.
  • Providing separate design services - when any of our partners experience a lack of specific specialists or falling short of resources as the result of temporary overload, we provide separate design services, including schematic design, PCB layout design, embedded software development, component library creation and maintenance, consulting, schematic and PCB design review, SI and PI analyses, etc.