DFM DFA Verification of a PCB

DFM / DFA as a service

Our specialists are ready to run DFM/DFA verification for your PCB design. DFM verification is an automated procedure that helps to minimize or exclude layout mistakes and increase the production yield. Apart from layout verification, DFM makes it possible to verify the presence of open nets, shorted nets.

To perform the verification we use the best software solution available on the market, it is called Valor NPI from Siemens.

To run full Design-for-Assembly (DFA) verification of the footprints in the project, we use the Valor Part library which includes more than 3 million models.

DFM DFA Verification of a PCB


To make us ready for running DFM verification over the PCB design designed by you or your colleagues, please be ready to collect the list of files necessary for performing the check.

Required data:

  • ODB++ data
  • Stackup description
  • Minimum clearance requirements for outer and inner layers
  • Minimum widths of traces for outer and inner layers


At the end of verification, we form a detailed report in PDF and HTML formats. The report contains the list of found issues with the definition of the type of the mistake, coordinates on the board, as well as the graphical representation of the problem.

DFM Report Example by Edality

Please check the DFM report example we deliver to our partners. To exclude all the DFM-related issues in some cases a few iterations of DFM verifications may be needed.

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