Embedded Software Development service

Edality’s engineers possess significant experience in BSP development for ARM architecture processors.


Our portfolio includes a number of completed software solutions for equipment based on i.MX6 processor, Samsung S3C24xx, Texas Instruments OMAP, AM335x, BCM28xx, NXP QorIQ CPUs.

The expertise we possess allows us to develop software for various peripheral devices and modules, customize and improve existing solutions: LVDS, HDMI, touch controllers, SPI NOR, NAND, SATA, Ethernet, DVFS, USB OTG, I2C, CAN, PCIExpress, Audio, PEB Interfaces, Camera Interfaces, GPU, GPIOs, Thermal sensors, etc.

Technologies: U-Boot, Barebox, GNU/Linux kernel, DirectFB, D-Bus, GStreamer, Qt, OSELAS ptxdist, Yocto, Buildroot, OpenWRT.

Development environment: GNU/Linux, Jira, GitLab, SVN, Git.


  • NXP (Freescale) i.MX, QorIQ
  • Texas Instruments OMAP, AM335x
  • Samsung S3C24x
  • Broadcom BCM28xx


  • Intel
  • AMD
  • VIA