ECAD Design Translation Service

Schematics Translation, PCB Design Translation, Component Library Migration

As an independent research and development company, we have the possibility of operating globally. Having a developed network of partners and customers force us to support various development flows, support the ability to switch between software solutions and IT environments, adapt tempo and get used to working traditions and project rituals of our partners.

Design translation is a naturally developed expertise that helped us to support many customers in situations when all the legacy could evaporate after migrating to new development flow. On the other hand, for some customers, we were able to save valuable time (and money) by successfully converting an existing design potentially valuable for a new solution.

Standard Translators

Most of the commonly used CAD systems provide standard solutions allowing to make some basic translation. Our experience shows that not all translators are able to make a quality design conversion.

ECAD Design Conversion Bit-by-Bit

ECAD (electronic computer-aided design) project translation includes migration of the following typical EDA (electronic design automation) project entities:

IC pins photo

Design Migration Directions

Very often companies need to convert one or multiple projects from Mentor Graphics Expedition to Altium Designer, from Cadence Allegro to Mentor Graphics Xpedition, from Altium Designer to PADS Pro, from Cadence Allegro to Mentor Graphics PADS Pro. Even from Zuken Visula / CR5000 sometimes. The complexity of translation in each case may be very different and can vary in terms of migration quality tremendously. EDALITY can provide professional advice in most of the cases.

Correctness Criteria

The quality of design translation can be verified by the engineers of EDALITY. We check multiple data sources to make sure that the translation of a project went errorless. The process of verification includes automated comparisons and manual checks of output data.