ECAD Libraries Development service

We made thousands of components with varying complexity, up to 2000 pins for a single item. During the library creation, we use different CADs in order to satisfy the Customer’s specific requirements. Each component goes through the three-step verification procedure to meet high standards of expertise.

Schematic symbol

Schematic Symbols

Having a ready-to-use database of schematic symbols from EDALITY:

  • saves time of customer’s schematic designers on entering entire scheme
  • decreases risks of mistakes leading to restart of production, i.e. saving time and resources
  • means that all the symbols are represented in the unified format predefined upfront, i.e. getting clean and transparent library convenient for everyone
  • provied compliance with requirements of IEC 60617, etc.

PCB Footprints

Having a ready-to-use database of PCB footprints from EDALITY:

  • saves time of customer’s layout designers on PCB layout design
  • proves high quality of footprints minimizing the probability of issues during production
  • means compliance with requirements of IPC standard
  • saves resources and minimizes distractions during a project
PCB Footprint
3D Model of an electronic component

3D Models

Supplying a component library with a 3D model makes further mechanical design easy and transparent.