PCB Design

PCB Design


Edality’s PCB layout engineers work as a close-knit and complementary team. Thanks to this we can manage as with simple boards as with very dense high-speed designs. Extensive subject knowledge combined with vast experience in PCB design permit to successfully deal with the most up-to-date challenges on the edge including interconnections for multi-Gb/s signals, DDR and FPGA’s routing, non-standard multi-devices interfaces routing, analog and mixed designs.

Experienced Signal integrity and Power integrity experts working in Edality perform the quality analyses which certanly allow to avoid unnecessary layout iterations. In our work we strive to ensure that the customer acquires a properly working device from the first time. Thermal analysis helps to determine the deviations in the temperature mode of the device and estimate the possible risks of failure. Finally, DFM/DFA analysis guarantees the PCB fabrication and significantly increases the reliability and maintainability of the device.


  • high-speed digital, analog, mixed signals PCB design
  • optimization of existing designs
  • schematic design
  • analyses-driven routing
  • pre- and post-layout SI and PI verification
  • thermal verification
  • DFM/DFA verification service
  • meeting short dedlines

Case Studies